IT Asia specializes in Web Design. We make class and beautiful designs for existing CMS or personalized environments. Please find below a few examples of our work for: It Asia CMS, Joomla, Prestashop, Wordpress, Social Engine, PluXML, and some personnalized environments.

Our designs are SEO oriented and compatible W3C. Please click the pics to see the corresponding website, or the same pic in higher resolution.


   IT Asia Website

IT ASIA developed and designed this website with its own resources. Our designers and developers used their magic touch to create this awarded and acclaimed production.
CSSVILLA: Site of the month
CSSDESIGNAWARDS: Winner of the day
CSS LIGHT : Nominee

   IT Asia CMS  

IT ASIA developed it's own Content Manager System. It works with our framework  (Object Oriented Mapping System). This CMS is strongly SEO optimized and pleases Google, Bing and every major search engines. The security is very strong and this CMS has still never been hacked today. It's a much safer solution than public and free CMS because IT Asia's CMS doesn't have the amateurism and security bugs you can find with Joomla, Wordpress, etc....

Examples of Web Designs running with IT Asia's CMS:

TLMFMC.COM, The first Medical Training Portal in France

IT Asia realized the design and made it run in our CMS. Project online at

We realised the Design and made it run in our CMS. Thanks to our SEO, they are first on Google France for the keywords "accessoire beauté" since December 2012. The project is at online at



Business Angel in the Ecology Industry (confidential)




IT Company in Paris:  Harware, Installation, Maintenance, Support.... (Confidential)



First Page Rollovers:



French Startup Offering Services for Deaf People (Confidential)

First Website:

Second Website:

Third Website:



IT-LESSON: IT Training Website (Not Realised Yet)







Joomla is a free CMS used for small and mediums projects. IT Asia can Design and develop Modules, Components and Plugins with Joomla.

Luxurious Hotel in Paris (Confidential).

We designed 3 templates. They run on Joomla, with integration of the components.

First Template :

Second Template:

Third Template:




Prestashop is one of the most used free engine for Internet Shops. IT Asia can design, adjust and personnalize your business under Prestashop.

HINANUI - French Polynesia

Prestashop Design (+ a lot of PHP custom developments) for with PayPal and Pay Site Cash integration.

PreciousBox - French Fashion Eshop

Prestashop Design for Christmas 2012. The project is online at

Thanks to our SEO, the website is second in Google France for the keywords "Accessoire Beauté" since December 2012.


French Shop oriented around Jewelery from French Polynesia. Runs under Prestashop. The project is online at


Betty Bou (confidential - The client has been renamed)




LoraShop Free Templates

LoraShop is a Prestashop generator. 3 Free WebDesigns are available.

First Free Design:

Second Free Design:


Third Free Design:



   Social Engine

SocialEngine is PHP community software that helps you build your own custom social network website ( It's made with the Zend Framework. It Asia can Design and develop applications for Social Engine.

The First French Social Network around Video Games (Confidential)

IT Asia developped some functionalities. We also made some designs compatible with Social Engines.


Wordpress is the leading solution for Blogs and Small Business Presentations

Template for a French Sophrologist established in Paris (Confidential)

PluXML is a CMS without DataBase. It is a convenient solution to create a small Introduction Website easy to move. IT Asia can develop specific functionalities for PluXML and make Templates compatible with the PluXML engine.


Fanatenane is a Charity trying to protect twins in Madagascar. The project is online at

Mariage Du Millenaire

IT Asia transformed a Photoshop design to the XML compatible for the pluXML engine. The project is online at

Personalized environment

IT Asia can realize design for the most personalized environments. If your project is home made, we can certainly adapt ourselves to your way.



SK HOUSE AND CONDOS is a property company offering services in Thailand and Pattaya. We realised the webdesign and the development. The project is online at


We had to adapt the new design to their existing PHP engine.




DublinWork is the leading Job Offer Website for immigrants and foreigners in Ireland.With a very small budget, we realised all the development and the webdesign.  The project runs at



Fortune Website for a French customer.



LoraShop is a project offering ready to use Eshops on a yearly subscription basis. We realised the design and the website development. The project runs at



Design for a Chinese SPA in Dublin (Small budget)