CMS technologies can be
interesting for some sort
of projects. Joomla, Drupalor Wordpress
are sometimesa good
way to start an
Internet project.

Easy Web

We specialize in Complex but easy to use Web Software Development for the Internet, based on the most recent and performant


We developed our
internal Eshop Framework System. We can also use and personalize some existing tools like Prestashop, OS Commerce, Magento

Object Oriented Programming

Our team is expert on Object Oriented solutions. MVC is our second name, and we know our Patterns.

Web Solutions

Designers from our Graphic Studio can design and visualize at the highest level.

Custom Made

We can totally define and develop your project to perfectly meet your needs. We will design your database and create the best software for your company.

Java on the Sun

Our Java / J2EE department can offer heavy clients, Smartphone solutions and classical Client/Server developments.

Updating An
Existing project

If you need extension, improvement or fixing for your existing IT project, we are here to answer your requests.

Fixed Price

IT ASIA will work with you to offer solutions that are within your budget.


IT ASIA offers you engineers for your needs on a day rate basis under your management.


Android, Ios and Winphone application development. Client, or Client/Server Smartphone solutions.