Development, support and management of a Voucher and cashier system Management for a big group of French shopping malls. This software is in charge of the Coupon / Vouchers management during their life cycle. Admins can manage checkouts, cashiers, stocks and sale reports. Cashiers can manage their till, funds and sales, and print receipts for customers.

Vouchers are nicely designed and paper printed with a bar code and cashiers have hand-held scanners and receipt printers. There are different types of Vouchers, each of them at different price and with different time of validity.




The admin can manage tills, cashiers, products for rent, products for sale, type of adds, and gift vouchers. He can consult as well sales and activity reports.

The admin can create vouchers, assign them to cashiers, follow the sales, and return them into stock when the cashier closes her till. They can as well indicate the system when the coupons have been used by a customer and been returned by one of the shop. 

Here is the Admin welcome page:


This is the screen to assign some Vouchers to a cashier or to a till (depends of the type of the Shopping Center):



An admin can follow sale, state and history of every Vouchers since the beginning of the system:


An admin can access every existing invoice for his shopping center since the beginning of the system


An admin can access reports and strong analytics about vouchers between dates : number of  created and printed Vouchers, numbers of assigned Vouchers, how many Vouchers sold and used, sold and not used, total number of sold vouchers, total number of offered vouchers, total number of vouchers used as endowment, total number of Internet pre paid vouchers, and stock numbers.


An admin can access every details and state for every product available for location.


An admin can access global and detailed financial reports for his shopping center

And a lot more functionalities.

This software is used in France since 2005 by several huge shopping malls and help them to generate substancial incomes for their business.

Please contact us if you need more details or if you are interested in an adpatation of this system for your mall.

Technical environment :
PHP5 Object MVC development, MYSQL5, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Zend Studio